Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Highlight Reel

This Week:

On Monday, I shared with you a story of the greatest dodgeball player who's ever walked the earth, Ryan McCarty.  Even greater than Ryan's dodgeball skills is his heart for God.  As my mentor, Ryan told me the key to success is to find where God is working and be there.  The problem comes into play when fathers are arrogant enough to think that the only thing God wants to do with their families is dad's thing.  Love is not arrogant.

On Tuesday, we reflected on an article by John Maxwell.  Maxwell reminds us that the way we spend our time today greatly impacts tomorrow, though sometimes we forget it.  I extrapolated this concept to focus on the family.  As fathers, it is very easy to get pulled off our game.  Everyone wants all of us.  The fact of the matter is the people and things and people we give our time to are the things and people we grow.

Wednesday, we let scripture show us how to deal with disappointment.  Life is full of disappointment.  No one ever tells children that their dreams will probably not come true as adults.  That would definitely not win an elementary teacher a popularity contest with students and their parents.  In order to be healthy and whole, we have to learn how to be able to work through the baggage of our own defeat.  Psalm 139:1-18 tells us that we are created by God in a very intricate and intentional way.  He is always there watching us and working through our lives.  God created our strengths and deficiencies for a purpose.  We can have hope for the future rather than being bogged down by our past.  I really struggle in this area, but these simple verses have helped me tremendously.  The difficult part is to stay centered on God's will all the time.

My smokin' hot wife joined me on Thursday in a very personal video describing our marriage crash and how we saved it.  Again, apologies to my international readers on the Anglo-centricity of this post.  When I walked away from vocational ministry, the wounds were still too open to discuss them publicly.  We were forced to sort of glaze over the why's of the change.  This is the first time we have spoken publicly about the real reason I left.  Our hope is that our story will give someone out there some hope to hang on when it seems hopeless.

Friday, I laid out the details of the world's greatest game. I invented it.  What started out as a desperate attempt to fill some rec. time for a youth retreat turned into my favorite game I've ever played.  BUT, you don't need a youth group to play this game.  You could set it up for your kids' parties, or just get some friends together and go play.  Scale it up for post-prom parties, or scale it down to play with your family + a couple.  Regardless, when you use this arrow, you are sure to hit a bullseye.

Next Week:

Monday - We continue to unravel the mystery of love in "What Is Love? Baby Don't Hurt Me. - Part 5

Tuesday - We'll join a conversation yet to happen somewhere on the web.

Wednesday - The Scriptural Armory will roll out another weapon to help you and your own THRIVE!

Thursday - Another installment of "I Hear Voices.....The Good Kind" as I interview a School Psychologist about the importance of fathers in their kids' development.

Friday - Get your overalls on.  We're going to the farm.

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