Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Highlight Reel

This Week

On Monday we dove back into 1 Corinthians 13:4 with "What Is Love? Baby Don't Hurt Me. - Part 3".  When Paul says that love is not jealous, he is not referring to romantic jealousy.  Rather he is talking about love in general - agape love, and the jealousy that causes us to make stupid consumer decisions.  It's the kind of jealousy that causes rivalries between siblings and neighbors.  We demonstrate love when we play the spoiler to society's games - when we say no to the Jones'.  In doing so, we protect our families from financial crisis and cluttered homes.

1. Take your time.  
2. Pray about it...a lot.
3. Involve lots of people.
4. Set your goals then work backwards.
5. Nothing ever totally goes as planned.

On Wednesday, we learned how to hear the voice of God.  While most people talk about God's quiet voice in the account of Elijah and God on Mt. Horeb (1 Kings 19), most miss the context of God demanding Elijah's attention.  It seems like many Christians believe that God is trying to deceive them with his his plans for us are hidden in some secret code we have to crack.  When God wants to tell us something, he will make sure we hear it.  The difficult part is doing what he says.

Thursday, in the latest edition of "I Hear Voices.....The Good Kind", I recommended and reviewed Andy Stanley's Choosing to Cheat.  You only have so much energy, time, and attention.  Everyone demands all of it.  Who are you going to choose to cheat?  It better not be your family.

On Friday, I suggested for you to take your kids exploring.  Go see where that road takes you.  Check out a new park in town or a new restaurant.  Just get out there and try something new.  It's always fun to discover.  Plus, I share a video with you that I shot when we went exploring this week.

Next Week

  • Monday: "What Is Love? Baby Don't Hurt Me. - Part 4"  Love does not boast, it isn't proud.
  • Tuesday: We will join a conversation from somewhere else in the blogosphere.
  • Wednesday: "Scriptural Armory: When Life Lets You Down - Psalm 139"
  • Thursday: My wife is going to make her first appearance on Lead Yo Fam as she talks about my decision to put my family first from her perspective.
  • Friday: I'll tell you how to play a game that I invented.  I swear it is the greatest game on earth!

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