When did you start this blog? 
March, 2012.

What is your purpose? 
The purpose of this blog is to provide support for Christian men who are doing their best to lead their families.

Why are you doing this?
The degradation of the American male is a major problem today.  As fewer and fewer boys have consistent, godly role models in their lives, true men are getting harder and harder to find, and quickly becoming replaced by "man-boys".  Case-in-point, almost as a rule of thumb twenty and thirty somethings no longer even have the back bone to propose to their girlfriends before indulging in the deeper intimacies of the relationship.

Even after men get married, there is consistent cultural pressure for them to sort of numb out.  In America, the voices at large tell us that family leadership falls on the shoulders of our wives.  We are supposed to work a predictable cube-shaped office job, then come home, drink beer, and watch ESPN or play video games.  If we do not drink, we are supposed to be quite - to let our wives do the talking for us.

Well I have news for you.  Jesus was not quiet.  He was not safe.  He spoke his mind so passionately and exuberantly, he compelled leaders of his day to kill him.  

This blog is calling guys out.  It is time to step up and be a man.

What topics do you cover?
I cover a variety of topics, but they all revolve around the central theme of manhood and family leadership.

Is this a Christian site? 

Are there denominational biases in what you write?  
I try to keep it as general as possible.  I strongly hold that we should do everything possible to unite the Body of Christ, and as little as possible to divide while staying in line with scripture.  That being said, my training comes from the Independent Christian Church, Cincinnati Bible Seminary.  They do teach a few things that tend to be controversial, but I will not be covering those items, as they do not directly pertain to the topic of family leadership.  You will not see a treatise on baptism or an ahistorical understanding of Revelation.  I'm currently a member of an Evangelical Free Church, and over the years I've been a part of Nazarene, Methodist, Southern Baptist, and I'm a student at a Catholic College.  The important thing to me is that people follow Christ by honoring scripture.

What are you up to now?
I am a nursing student at Marian University and my family belongs to Grace Community Church in Noblesville, Indiana.