Friday, March 16, 2012

Things To Do With Kids: St. Patricks Day

On Friday each week, I'll be highlighting things to do with kids.  Not sure about you, but sometimes I feel like my family is digging deeper and deeper ruts into our normal stomping grounds.  Family leaders, forage ahead to show their kids "this is how you spend your time as a God-fearing adult".  Plus, my wife is super happy when I have a good idea for something to do, and we all know, when mama is happy, everyone is happy.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day.  I'm not Irish, and I'm not interested in drinking green beer.  So what does that leave us?

It leaves us a couple of great options!  

Many towns and cities have St. Patrick's day running races.  Before I lose you, most of the distances are manageable for anyone to walk.  Usually they have a few different distances to choose from, and a children's fun run - a very short distance.  AND everyone gets a t-shirt.  When you wear it, people will assume you ran the race, and that you are secretly ripped.  You can't go wrong!

If you've never been to a race, they're a lot of fun!  The atmosphere is like a big party.  It's a blast just to be there even if you aren't participating.  Additionally, it takes a lot of volunteers to pull it off, so if you like what you see, your family could sign up to serve the community next year.

The downside is that they can get a little expensive.  The better the experience, the more you can expect to pay.  But the fun runs and walks are usually cheaper than the competitive race.  Plus, the proceeds for almost every road race go to a good cause - fighting cancer, school funds, arthritis, hospitals, churches - you know the good stuff.

Another option is the good ole' St. Patty's day parade.  They're fun.  Most of the time they're free, and you get your fill of bag pipes for another year.  What could be better?

Even if you're not Irish, get out there this weekend.  Show your family a great time!

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