Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Hear Voices.....The Good Kind: Fatherhood Advice from Ron Stohler

Grace Community Church has had a big impact on my life on two different occasions.  My family was part of Grace during my middle school years.  We all know how difficult those years can be, but the fine leaders at that time helped me find an identity - so important for adolescence.  There was an intern when I was in 7th grade named Todd.  He taught me how to lead worship, and that has been HUGE in my life ever since.

Recently, my wife and I moved back to the area.  I decided that church shopping was out of the question for our family, so we have only gone to Grace.  We are incredibly glad we did.  While no church is perfect, the leaders at Grace have created an environment that is welcoming yet challenging - a difficult balance to achieve.  Their pursuit of excellence shines out of every corner, yet things are not over the top showy, and there is no fear to get a little messy.

Ron Stohler is the Pastor of Adult Ministries at Grace Community Church.  Simply because of the size of our church, I have not personally met Ron.  We connected through e-mail.  When I told Ron what I was up to with this blog and how I could use his help, he was gracious enough to pitch in his two-cents.  He knows how to pack a punch in just a few words.  Here are his responses.

1.  If there is one thing you could tell a young father/husband what would it be?

You cannot lead on your own. The battle is too hard. You need your Heavenly Father to lead you. And you need the company of other men of valor.

2. As you look back across your ministry experience, what is the most important ritual or tradition for men to instill in their families?

Simple things like eating together, praying for them at bedtime and serving together.

3. What is one common mistake you see men make, and what should they do differently?

We get so caught up in our work or personal mission that we can leave our families in the dust.

4. In as few words as possible, what does family leadership mean to you?

Follow me as I follow Christ. 1 Cor. 1:11

5. What is THE most powerful way a man can impact his family's relationship with Christ?

Pray for them and with them.

Ron also recommended The Expeditionary Man by Rich Wagner.

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